Anna, Gigi & Amorilandia

12/19/2008 10:31

Anna, Gigi & Amorilandia

The magnificent, bright Tatangelo in the prescence of Ruggeri in "What women do not tell." Cutting remarks, some embarrassment and a revelation.

They have called it Amorilandia. The villa with swimming pool (with the bridge that leads to an island with Jacuzzi), golf (at least so they say), recording studios, rooms and bedrooms, living rooms and sitting room, bathrooms more than they can count, this villa that serves as a love nest to Gigi D'Alessio and Anna Tatangelo has a name written with "all stones placed in a row on the lawn of the garden." A little of Michael Jackson’s Neverland, a little of the house of Mulino Bianco. A jewel in the heart of residential Rome dell'Olgiata.

Tatangelo showed the gem to the general public and to a bewildered Enrico Ruggeri during the episode of “What Women don’t Tell” on Wednesday evening. A potpourri of revelations between career and private life, gossip, cutting remarks and confessions of the new national Anna. A diva in the flesh and bones now.

One who cooks for Fabrizio Del Noce, who arrives by helicopter at the wedding of Biagio Izzo, who can not find the time to see her family (are too many commitments, her words). One who at 19 years old has already become a “grandmother,” even through experience. Ruggeri, skillful as usual, moved along heavy-handed with his questions. Thus, between one tear and another, there was talk of the previous marriage of Gigi, the gossip, of money, in spite of parents who have a daughter who is a star they continue to sell the ring-shaped cakes of Sora. Some examples: "But since when have you and Gigi been engaged? Are you the reason why he left his wife?" - "I do not speak of his previous life." "But what happened to the program that you needed to do in Rai?" (Tonight we're at home, ndr) - "Just ask them."

She, magnificent, shining, reiterated that her relationship with D'Alessio has not helped in any way to make her career. That she gave closure to her father-manager a few years ago because she wanted to do everything alone. That they have had enough of journalists and photographers (and therefore front pages and first evenings) annoy them without adding anything to their lives. Which is nice to know that Sora wants to dedicate a road to her.(?) That in the world, today is what counts, tomorrow, who knows? Who has no childhood friends because she in fact did not have a childhood. Who for the children of D'Alessio is a landmark, even a bullet.(?) Just a note, as pointed out a few fans of Anna on her website, is not Amorilandia is a bit garish? (Libero News)

(English translation of "Anna, Gigi e Amorilandia") Posted 12/19/08