01/04/2010 23:11

Anna Goes Shopping in Rome

The lovely mother-to-be was recently photograhed shopping in downtown Rome.




Anna Tatangelo

c/o GGD SRL, Via Panama, 68 – 00198 Rome, Italy

Ph.+39 06 83394645 / Fax +39 06 83394646


Anna's wonderful new album, "Progetto B." was released February 16, 2011.  This is Anna's fifth album release. It is a diverse collection of musical selections, including rock and jazz, that nicely show Anna's versatility and growing musical talent!

About Us

This fan site was founded by an American who discovered Anna after a trip to Italy in 2006, and who dreams of Anna as the fabulous international star she is destined to become. Anna is a treasure that needs to shared; however, the language barrier is substantial for many English-speaking persons, especially in the USA. The  "Anna Tatangelo America" website, newsblog, YouTube channel and Facebook page are efforts to dissolve this barrier and make Anna more accessible to the English-speaking world. ATA was created in April, 2008. We are the first English-speaking group to honor this talented lady.

We can be reached at: italylover2@yahoo.com.