Anna Joins "Doppia Difesa" to Fight Violence Against Women

02/01/2009 13:16

Rome, Feb. 1. (Apcom) - Anna Tatangelo joins "Doppia Difesa," the anti-discrimination foundation created by Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno. "The acquisition of Anna to our project - said the conductor of "Striscia," Michelle Hunziker to "TV Sorrisi e Canzoni' on newsstands tomorrow - was a wonderful surprise. It would be nice if it did bring on other people. We welcome everyone with open arms, but I would like to join with us the minister of equal opportunities, Mara Carfagna. And Emma Bonino, 'Doppia Difesa' has no fragrance policy. " Hunziker has donated 250,000 euros to the Foundation that fights discrimination and violence against women and children, Tatangelo donated profits from the sale of the single "Rose Spezzate" through the online shop of 'TV Sorrisi e Canzoni." "If TV donates 5 million euros to the foundation - has pledged Hunziker - in exchange for my participation in a reality show on a desert island, I would go there to swim, carrying only toothbrush." Tatangelo also would be willing. "I would go too - said the singer - but not to do a "tanga show" on the beach."

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"Anna Tatangelo si unisce alla onlus di Hunziker e Bongiorno"