Anna Tatangelo To Host Dating Show

04/21/2009 10:55

 "Dating in the Dark" with Tatangelo...The singer, companion of Gigi D'Alessio, is debuting as a host at the end of May in a dating show on Italia 1.

After the disappointment of the show canceled by Rai Uno, Anna Tatangelo is taking her revenge and preparing to debut on television as a host, in a program in the early evening on Italia 1. The singer, companion of Gigi D'Alessio, will be the main character in a dating show, a show that includes encounters between the competitors.

The program, which is entitled “Appuntamento al Buio,” is inspired by the American format with the title “Dating in the Dark” and should start around the end of May: players will be six singles, coupled by production on the basis of certain similarities of character. The pair will meet in a dark room, without knowing each other and will make use of the format to get to know each other better.  Then, however,  they have to decide with the lights off and then with the lights on, whether to continue the relationship, or say goodbye.

For Tantangelo, this is a debut as a presenter in the early evening, although in the past she has already worked with a similar role in a music program on Radio Italia television.


Adapted and Translated from: “Appuntamento al buio” con la Tatangelo