Anna Tatangelo's Aunt Writes Book

11/06/2009 10:55


Anna’s aunt, Ann Tatangelo, has recently published a book in English that includes some stories about Anna growing up and her early career::

 Annoying the Saints - Stories of my life in Italy


"10 years of living inside an Italian family, experiencing their traditions, humour, bureaucratic red-tape and watching my niece Anna become a pop star."

 It's written in English and there are quite a few stories of Anna's very early career.  Her aunt was often her chaperone for her early performances.

The book may be ordered directly from the author by emailing Ann at    $21.00 or £10 incl S&H.  You can also order or download at:


Administrator's Note: I have read it.  It is interesting and entertaining! It is especially appealing if you enjoy stories about the unique experience of living in a small town in Italy. As a fan of Anna Tatangelo. you will, without a doubt, also thoroughly enjoy the bits of information about her early teen years, early career and the family environment that she grew up in..