"Anna Turns 23 and Takes Stock"

01/30/2010 16:31

  09 January, 2010 - Interview by John Zambito, www.clandestinoweb.com


The career of Anna Tatangelo has proceeded at full speed: at a very young age she performed on stage in regional and national events until the big occasion, the Sanremo Festival at the age of 15 when she won with the song  Doppiamente Fragile. Now, besides being an accomplished performer, reaching the serenity and maturity of a woman and next, mother (now in the seventh month of pregnancy), she can enjoy this wonderful period that is not of absolute rest, "I am committed to the preparation of my new album due out in between September and October, "she confessed to Clandestino.


Today is your birthday: how are you celebrating?

Quietly. Every birthday is a milestone for me, though from18 years on, the time seems to fly, and it becomes the occasion to take stock. Most of us do so at the end of December, I, instead, at the beginning of each year.


And your assessment is? 

I can only say it's very positive both for the private sphere and the artistic


Over the years, how has your relationship with music changed?

My relationship with music has changed, of course, over the years: at the beginning of my career at age 15, I had a private relationship with it and for me, the songs were a little diary where I vented. I sang the songs of others, lived and assumed the trends and experiences of others. Growing up, music has begun to pull out of me the elements and dimensions that belong to my personal life.


And how does it go as a listener?

Listening is even better: more music is heard outside of things that carry and express tracks of you, and personally, being very romantic, I love intense artists like Stevie Wonder or Mina, but also that fantastic mix of romance and aggression that Vasco Rossi can express in a unique way and that gives me the shivers.


To What Degree Does Music Address Important Life Issues?

For me, music is an important means of communication that helps to define the state of mind. In the previous album with more songs I wanted to be close to those girls who write to confide in me, and confess to me certain problems that they do not share with family members. It pleases me that the girls look to me and  through the songs I try to let them know that they are not alone in dealing with various issues, such as the requirement that they must be lean and achieve perfection. The songs help, and how! When I was small, listening to "Gli uomini non cambiano", without going through the terrible experience through suffering expressed by the voice of Mia Martini, I understood its significance.


What are your memories of your first performance before the camera?

I look back at those early days: I didn’t care if it was a TV camera or a regular camera. For me it was the same, I did not care, I wanted to sing and that was it. Here, I feel envy toward the Anna Tatangelo of that period that she performed without getting caught up by other factors that have emerged over time.


What for example?

Over time, I’ve acquired a greater sense of awareness and more sense of responsibility towards my profession and those I work with.


Some external factor that gives you the most trouble?

Initially I had some small problem after the performances: at the end rather than "you did well," they commented with phrases like "you look great!" In short, I wanted to be a singer, not a model!


You have way to deal with the girls your age? More things in common or what separates you?

Obviously there are elements common to all, both boys and girls, such as friendship, the desire to be together. I note however that in many girls there is much separation from families and they do not see their parents as confidants. On the contrary, for me the family is a reference point and I consider myself very lucky.


Sora, where you were born, do you go back often?

Often. Days ago I surprised my mother that I returned for my birthday. We went around to do some shopping and I bought some things. In Sora, we all know each other and a salesgirl kindly commented that she sees my face often. I cannot stay away from my origins!


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