Comic Figure Inspired by Anna Tatangelo

04/07/2009 11:57

The first issue of Anna Tatashima  to be presented  at Comicon ...

In the course of next Comicon Napoli - International Exhibition of comics and animation that will take place April 24-26 in 2009 in the magnificent setting of Castle Sant'Elmo in Naples, Società Editrice La Torre will premier the first issue of Anna Tatashima, the romantic and totally feminine comic figure inspired by the famous Italian singer Anna Tatangelo, written and designed by the young artist Matthew Salerno Principe.

Anna Tatashima is a girl of fifteen born to a Japanese father and Italian mother who dreams of becoming a successful singer.

The girl is very attached to her friends, Emy Leone and Mary Ticino who share her passion for music and the dream of becoming an idol.

One day Anna encounters a poster advertising the test for selection to a television program for young musical talents and together with her two friends decide to take part.

During the test gets to know Luigi Dareshi, a singer originally from Japan, with whom she discovers that she has a great affinity. But her ascent to success is hindered by another aspiring singer named Lina Futari who is competing for the same television program thanks to the support of Anna who, some time before, had helped her to extricate herself from parents who were too strict and kept her from devoting herself to music because they wanted her to work to help support the family.

The first issue of Anna Tatashima will be distributed in all the comics stores, libraries and specialized libraries throughout national territories who will order through distribution channels Pan Distribution, Pegasus and Star Shop Distributions through their catalogs. It can also be purchased on the main e-commerce sites specializing in online sale of books and products through the website of the Società Editrice La Torre.

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