Rumors Appear True About Anna Tatangelo's Pregnancy

10/15/2009 14:40

A week after the story first broke about Anna's pregnancy in Novella 2000, we have yet to see what could be considered an official announcement by the couple. There are several reports stating that this past Sunday at Quelli che il Calcio, the happy father-to-be, Gigi D'Alessio said behind the scenes, "Anna is fine and it is true that she is pregnant. We wanted to say it at the right time, but the paparazzi found out first. We have been called by all the newspapers but we are not giving interviews." As numerous publications are reporting the pregnancy as true, and the couple is not denying the information, we are concluding that Anna is indeed pregnant. Best wishes from "Anna Tatangelo America" for much happiness and certainly the best of health for both mother and child. We look forward to a public statement soon from both Anna & Gigi.