Tatangelo Tries Out Being a Wife

11/26/2008 10:03

A trying out of marriage for Gigi D'Alessio and Anna Tatangelo... 

Marriage in sight with D'Alessio?  (English Translation of "Tatangelo fa le Moglie")

Their coexistence in a villa just outside Rome , expands and they are more in love than ever. So much so that some speculate there is already a “yes” in sight. "We talk about it" a confirmation to “CHI,” from the Neapolitan artist himself, but admits to still awaiting a divorce from first wife. Anna instead ...

 Tatangelo is decided on the wedding: to thoughts reflected by the man. "If Gigi asked me to marry him, I would be happy, but I already feel like his wife” she says. It is for this reason that, far from the stages, dressed in the clothes of the perfect housewife, with many slippers (an essential luxury, she says) she does the cooking and shopping. . She chooses natural products for Gigi and then, off with the succulent dishes. Her specialty? The sauce. 

"As a cook, she can only compare to my mother" reiterates D'Alessio, in love like a kid. "The moment I wake up next to Anna and I see her soap and water face, it is the most beautiful thing of the day. I look at her with love and start a new day" says the singer, which is immediately echoed by her, that indeed waking up together is a reassuring feeling.

"Being labeled as a “family wrecker” at less than twenty years of age has been a tough test. But if I had to stay with him and cry, I do not regret my tears" the singer confesses to the weekly. 

And again: "At first I denied that I was in love with Gigi, I fought, I lied to myself, but then I had to give up." 

Their love, I am convinced, is the result of fate and destiny and could not be avoided, despite two decades of difference in age and the fact that Gigi, when he met his future partner, was married and father of three children, one very small. 

Now living together, it is almost impossible to separate them. And woe to speak of betrayal: they swear eternal love. Anna threatens in this respect: if he betrays me even for a fling, our relationship would end. "D'Alessio warned ...